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Let’s chat about your own personal package!

Anything from helping set up social media accounts for 3 months, to managing day-to-day operations!


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Think you need a few things from more than one of these packages? Then lets chat! A la carte baby!

How long do I have to commit to working with you? +

I require a 3 month contract and after that just a 30 day notice.

Do you offer any other virtual assistant services? +

Let me know what services you need and we can talk it out! One thing I do not offer is blogging.

How often do you post on social media? +

Instagram - Sunday-Friday

Facebook - 3-4 times a week

Pinterest - 10-20 posts a day

What services do you use for scheduling? +

For Facebook and Pinterest I use Tailwind. For Instagram I use PLANN or Planoly