Charleston based Intimate wedding photographer

Documenting life. Documenting stories.

Hey, I’m Lydia!

I'm an intimate wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC.

I love weddings that take place in your parents living room or backyard or in a museum! I love receptions by the marsh at your Grandmas or in a local Charleston restaurant. Wherever the theme is LOVE and MEMORIES I will be there!

I’m a crazy beach addict, who is always the hostess (enneagram 2w3 over here), and I’ll probably be serving you tacos and margs when you come over. I start every session with drinks or nachos! (or both) I love getting to REALLY know y’all before the session begins! It becomes more of a hangout around the town and not a “photo shoot”.

If you’re looking for a photographer who wants every image to tell YOUR story… then you’re in the right place! I won’t tell Instagram the fake story I think will get more “likes” (whatever likes even are). I’ll tell Instagram the REAL story about you! So lets grab some pizza and head downtown for some photos by the marsh!

(If it’s not obvious, food is the way to my heart)

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