My three favorite things are elopements, vow renewals, and giving. Y’all know I do one big giveaway a year and I’m doing it right now!

I’m giving away one free elopement and one vow renewal!

I am so so so excited for this! Here is how you enter to win:

Step 1: Head to my Instagram

Step 2: Like the image about the giveaway and follow my account.

Step 3: In the comments tell me your story! Why are you wanting to elope or do a vow renewal? You don’t have to make it big, just a snippet. :)

That’s it! Super easy!

The elopement or vow renewal must happen in Charleston, SC. If you want to have the ceremony somewhere else it may be on my bucket list, so head over to my About Me page to see. If you pick some place on my bucket list you will get a super big discount!

Is your location not on my bucket list? Tell me where it is! It may be on the bucket list I have in my head! ;)

Giveaway ends April 7th! (The Instagram caption has an error with the end date. April 7th is the correct date!)