Best Places To Elope

Are you planning your dream elopement?!


If you are… DUDE! I’m so flippin excited for you!! I LOVE ELOPEMENTS!

But anyways... You’re here to find the best places to elope! So let me tell you some dope places I’ve stumbled upon.

If you’re looking to elope close in the South, here are some gorgeous and intimate settings in the SC and NC area.

Bed and Breakfasts in Charleston, Savannah, or Beaufort are such great ideas!. Really a Bed and Breakfast pretty much anywhere would be such a gorgeous idea! Here are a few that I love:

I have two plantations in Charleston that are my absolute favorite for a lot of different reasons!

  • The Inn at Middleton Place

    • They have gorgeous rooms with floor to ceiling windows that you and your guest can enjoy for an intimate weekend celebration. Everyone gets to stay right there on the property and you can bask in the joy of your elopement in the spacious rooms, by the luxurious pool, or you can walk along the Ashley River.

  • Magnolia Plantation

    • Magnolia Plantation has so many gorgeous spots to choice from! The flowers are always stunning and you may even spy some peacocks roaming around.

    • My favorite spot is the Conservatory. If you’re looking for a modern vibe on the plantation then you’ll love it too!

If you are looking for less Spanish moss and more of a gorgeous view then you can’t go wrong with Greenville, SC!

From Pretty Place to taking an adventurous hike along the trails, every view is breathtaking!

Here are a few mountain vibe elopements in NC:

Westglow Resort and Spa This resort is absolutely stunning! And O-EM-GEE it sure seems relaxing!

The White Doe Inn The rooms are so adorable in this B&B!

Wanna know what my dream elopement idea is?

And if you do it or something similar I may have a super duper special surprise for you!!

Book a sick airbnb for you and your fam and/or friends to stay in the days leading up to your elopement.

Everyone hangs out and gets to celebrate the vows before they are even said! I stay with y’all (or in airbnb/hotel nearby) so that I can get in on all the celebration and capture those awesome candids.

THEN on your elopement day you get ready in separate parts of the house.

You elope either on the super rad property or close by! Like on the balcony overlooking a river or mountains. Or taking a short drive to the ceremony where we will hike or walk through the sand to the secluded spot.

Did any of that give you chills? Cause home girl…. It gave me chills!

If you want recommendations for an awesome Airbnb I have A TON saved that I’d love to share with you!

Can you tell I really want this to happen? I’m basically planning out all the different elopements I hope on booking!


If you plan an elopement like the one I described above… you’ll get a little gift from yours truly!!

OR if you plan an elopement in a destination spot you may qualify for a discount!