Happy engagement!!

I am so so excited for you girl!

Now, I know that you’re here because you need some tips on what to wear to your engagement session.

So I’m gonna get RIGHT TO THE POINT!

Here are 5 tips coming in hot!

  1. Don’t be afraid to dress like YOU boo!

    • What I mean: If you are a multi colored, multi patterned kinda gal…. then dress like it!

    • Many people will say that too many patterns can be distracting. I will agree, BUT if that is how y’all dress then screw the rules! DO YOU BOO!

  2. Pick a location and a season… THEN pick your outfit!

    • (But remember, you don’t have to be like everyone else)

    • If you’re doing photos in a brewery you’d be totally fine to wear jeans and a cute top! If it’s summer, you could easily rock jean shorts & a tank!

    • If you’re doing photos on a mountain side you could either be super hot and dramatic with a gown…. OR you could be a super adventurous chick and wear a more casual look!

  3. Pick your colors based off the season… but don’t be afraid to be a rebel either!

    • Fall: soft blue, deep red, burnt yellow, black

    • Summer: white, pastels, black (rebel)

    • Winter: Black, red, brown, green, white (rebel)

    • Spring: Pastels, bright shades, white, black (rebel)

  4. If ya wanna match yo boo, you don’t have to BOTH wear white!

    • If you want to match, wear complimenting colors. If you’re both wearing white you may blend into one another!

  5. Bring multiple outfits

    • Who said you had to just have one outfit anyways?!

    • Bring multiple outfits if you feel unsure about your decision. Your photographer should be more than happy to help you decide!

    • OR bring multiple outfits because you know you’ll look hot in all of them!


Charleston engagement photos - Lydia McCaulley Photography

And my favorite piece of advice… take to Pinterest! Scroll through Anthropologie’s Instagram! Stalk your photographers feed!

Get inspired and get creative!