When You Get Caught Hustlin' Instead of Praying

Every now and again I will notice that I am not as happy, I become tired easily, I get frustrated quickly, and I eat chips and salsa in my bed from 9pm until 2am while watching Netflix. During this time I get frustrated with my business, I lack confidence in my talent, and I start to lose the vision that God has given me. I start to think of my talent as MY gift and not the gift that God has given me to use for His glory.

This usually happens when God is getting ready to prepare me for something amazing and Satan wants to pull me away from it. If you know about the mission trip that I am going on in July then you've probably pieced together that Satan has attacked me recently.

Satan tried to drag me down while I was fundraising and he tried to make me feel unloved, not special, and unsuccessful. Thankfully I have surrounded myself with multiple Christian women who are photographers and they have (unknowingly) brought me back to myself.

I was sitting at my desk last week when I saw the bag that Jenna Kutcher is going to put on the market soon! The bag said "Grace will take you places Hustlin' Can't". That bag practically slapped me in the face. It really made me think about my goals and where God was in my business. I am very open about my faith and beliefs but I tend to forget that God wants me to use my talents for Him! 

Once I started thinking about God as the center of my business I began to see a difference. I had more drive and confidence, I began to have more meaningful post and interactions with my followers on social media, and God gave me an amazing gift that will shock you all...

God provided me with a free camera.

I will not name the amazing soul that gave it to me, but I will announce to the whole world how thankful I am for this beautiful friend! I was trying my best to save up for a new camera so that I could take it with my on my mission trip and as I was expressing this to my awesome friend they said that they wanted to give me the camera as a donation to our trip! Not only is this gift from God awesome but so was His timing. He was patiently waiting for me to give my business to Him so that He could shower me with gifts.

This simple act seems to go unnoticed by so many Christians. Once I gave my fundraising and faith over to God, some generous soul that I have never met in person, donated $300! Once I gave my business over to Him I got a free camera and booked two clients! All of these things happened within a weekend.

This blog is not to brag about my life, but it is to brag about Jesus. When we put Christ in the center of our life He will reward us. Maybe it won't happen as quickly as it did for me, maybe it will happen a year later, who knows! Just remember that God wants us to be happy and He wants to give us everything, but we need to seek Him to receive His glory.