The Kinders

I absolutely loved spending time with these two! I also love that I get to call them the Kinders now! I still can't believe that they are married! When I told my boyfriend that I was going to do a shoot with them his first words were "Oh good! They are a really photogenic couple". He is so right! This couple is gorgeous!

When someone suggested that I should do couple sessions with friends and family to build my portfolio and gain practice I knew I should ask these gorgeous people! I knew they would give me real smiles and genuine laughs! They love to make each other laugh and I had so many opportunities to see the real love!

The sun kept hiding behind the clouds and every time it came back out Jonnie would shush me and Beth so that we could get back to work! I had so much fun talking with them and catching up that we would get distracted and pause from the photoshoot. They are such amazing models and people!

This newly wed couple is so awesomely awesome! They both finally had two days off the first time in forever and they chose to spend part of it with me! This couple is so generous and sweet. I had such a blast doing this photo session with them. Not only did they agree to this session so that I could build my portfolio but they also donated to the Doors to Freedom fundraiser!