Follow Your Dreams


To all the people who are too scared to embrace the gift that God gave you, too scared to show who you really are, too scared to be bold, God gave you a talent on purpose. Use it, embrace it, love it!


I'm so thankful for my new friend Reagan! Without her no one else would have pushed me to photograph what I love!


For the past 2 years I have been photographing what I thought my professor would like. She would constantly tell me to do nature photography because my subjects "didn't work well with me". Because of her I never put my heart into my work so my images were never very strong. Today Reagan reminded me that school is suppose to be a time for us to learn who we are as artist and photographers! For spring break I'm going to fully embrace the style that I love! I've mentioned before that I'll be traveling and sharing the Gospel during break, and I'm going to use that as my final project.


I'm excited to get rid of this fear of photographing strangers. I'm also really excited to be sharing His amazing Word! So what if my professor doesn't like my concept? This is where my heart is. I think my love for sharing His word and enjoying time with His people will show in my photographs.


I hope I motivate some of you to go out there and share the Gospel or to conquer a fear that you have. I pray that this helps someone embrace who they really are and to not let someone else control you.