Alex and Aaron's South Carolina Hurricane Wedding

Alex and Aaron planned their wedding during hurricane season in South Carolina. Which is either a hit or a miss… by that I mean we either are going to get hit super hard and at the last minute it turns, or we don’t get hit at all. For their wedding weekend… It looked like we were going to get hit super hard.

We rushed to reschedule everything for Friday before the storm came in. They had everyone there except the man to do the ceremony, which is a crucial part ya know. Cause without the man to make you repeat your vows… you’re just standing there staring at each other! Well God loves these two & the Pastor who was originally booked on their wedding day… was now available!

Their wedding day was seriously so awesome. The weather was perfect. The venue was gorgeous and their love was SO evident. Aaron even got Alex a heart shaped pizza! I mean COME ON! Pizza on her wedding day?! I freaking love it.

The weather held up until the dance party began. But man! The rain sure made everyone huddle onto the dance floor & really got the party pumping! EVERYONE was gettin down on the dance floor even family members all the way from California who joined in on Facetime!

I’m so blessed to be able to photograph such awesome events, to document such beautiful memories, and to be able to use my passion to help others! Thank you, Alex and Aaron, for trusting me with such a freaking awesome responsibility!