Graduating Without a Job

What am I doing after graduation?

Nothing. Nannying. Babysitting. Second shooting a couple weddings. Working a little retail. 

Every time someone asks me what I am doing after graduation they give me a weird look when I tell them my answer. I am not planning on rushing into finding a job. I had a job, and I ended up saying never mind. It was good pay, and good hours... but it was not what I wanted to do. God said to enjoy your labors and I plan on doing just that

I have NEVER had a summer without school or cheerleading. This is my FIRST FREE summer. I am taking advantage of it! No, I'm not being a typical millennial.

I am looking for a job, but I'm also looking for rest. For the first time ever I want to enjoy my photography for me and not my professors or clients. For the first time ever I want to rest and spend the summer with Jesus and His beautiful world, and not the inside of a school.

I am not thinking that I will randomly have a job offer fall onto my lap. I just know that this is my last chance to enjoy being 22 years old and to not have a million responsibilities tying me down. This may be my last summer living in Charleston and I want to enjoy! I'm not rushing to start my own business. I'm so blessed to have a photographer who wants to mentor me! I'm perfectly happy to stay under her wing until I am ready to go out on my own!

God has a plan and I'm letting him take control.

I'm letting him guide me. Don't judge me because you got an offer the second you graduated, and started your job right off the bat. I know God has a great plan and I can't wait for him to show it to me! I have a faith and I'm not stressed. He always provides for those who are faithful.

You ought to say, "If it is the Lord's will, we will, we will live and do this or that." - James 4:15

This verse has been my anthem for the past few days! Between this verse and the song "Home" by Chris Tomlin they have pushed me to put my faith and life completely in God's hands. I should not be afraid of the future, because God is in charge. I should not be afraid to live my life to the fullest because the end goal is to go home to heaven and that is a beautiful thing!

My prayer is that everyone who reads this will realize that your job is not the most important thing. How nice your car and your home are not important to God. He just wants you to walk like Jesus. I'm thirsty for Christ! I want to love His people unconditionally, I want to give everything I have to His people, and I want to use the talent that He gave me for His glory. 

I'm putting my life in His hands. I trust Him 100%.