How I'm Gonna Get to Nicaragua

 Hey friends! I'm so excited to be going to Nicaragua! Not only am I excited to be doing amazing things in the name of Jesus but I'm also excited to see the Lathrops! I'm so stoked to serve God along side Tucker and Mika! 

I can not wait to get there but I have to raise the money first! I have so many different ideas for fundraising and I can't wait to do them all! I'll come out with some more information about them soon, but in the mean time let me tell you what I'm planning!

  • Selling super soft, super cool T-shirts
  • Fundraiser night (location: ?)
  • Photo sessions (money going to trip)
  • Garage sale (not super successful, but I have stuff I don't need and it makes a little money!)
  • GoFundMe 
  • Babysitting (money going to trip)
  • Bracelets (I always buy cool bracelets for fundraisers so I think it's a good idea!)

Those are all my ideas for fundraising and I'm really excited to do them! Keep your eyes peeled for the amounts needed, our goal dates, our fundraiser and garage sale dates, and for the awesome T-shirts that we will be selling!

We ask that everyone prays that we will raise the money for this trip and that we will have faith that God will provide the money for us! Please pray that everyone will be able to go on this trip and that jobs or school will not keep us from going and spreading the good news!

Thank you friends for supporting us and for praying for us!