To the People Who Doubted Me


I did not enjoy school. My parents had to come to Charleston to have a meeting with me and my Professor to convince me to stay in school. Honestly, school took away my love for photography for majority of the 4 years. My professor was nice but she was draining me of my own creativity. She wanted me to photograph what SHE liked, not what I liked. I enjoy photojournalism and portraits, she enjoys "art". I see my photographs as art but she... well she would probably argue with me on that. She wanted me to have a story behind each photograph, but sometimes I honestly just had a vision and I wanted to captured it, simple as that. I found my love for photography again the last semester of my Senior year. My LAST semester. I realized that I had to ignored everything she said, and I thats when started to photograph what I wanted.

When she talked about her previous students that are now wedding photographers (and successful by the way) she sounded almost disgusted. She didn't like that my goal was to be a wedding photographer. Her thought was always "well someone has to do it". She was pushing for all of her students to be photographers that had their work in galleries, but that's not what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a wedding photographer and she didn't think that I could do it. Well... I'm showing her aren't I?

Right after graduation my business launched. I went from having sessions every few months to having multiple sessions every month! Within 4 months of graduating I left my job at Victoria's Secret to be a photographer and social media manager. So all I have to say to the Professor who thought I couldn't make it:


"LOOK AT ME NOW! LOOK AT ME NOW! Oh, I'm getting paper!"


She probably didn't think that by August I would have 3 weddings booked for 2018. She thought that I was going to be a studio photographer for the rest of my life. Nothing is wrong with studio photography at all! BUT, she thinks that studio photography leaves you in a box and you can't branch out with your creativity. She had no faith in me and it was obvious.

I don't want this blog to be about bashing my Professor. We all have a right to our own opinions, and that was hers. I wrote this blog to show everyone that you can't let someone else be the voice behind all of your decisions. You can't be a people pleaser. If you aren't doing what makes you happy, then soon you can lose your passion and your drive. It took me 4 years to get past the critics and to create what I really wanted. Someone is always going to disagree with what you are doing, but someone else is always going to be cheering you on. I don't want y'all to take 4 years to find yourself. 

Stop. Think about what YOU want to do. Then do it.

It might be hard to get to where you want but that doesn't mean you should quit. You're going to have to work late nights, most likely weekends too, you're going to have to be patient, and you definitely need to give your passion and your business to God. He will take care of it, I promise!