HOLA! Iā€™m Lydia McCaulley Hunter!




Hola chica, I'm Lydia !

I grew up in a big family that was always getting their photo taken by our Mom. Our baby albums are crammed full with memories! Because of that I have learned to love using photography to document those moments that go by in a flash! Memories can become hazy and photographs often help restore the moments we can't remember. 

Awesome facts about me:

-I'm 5'1, spunky, and I got a little bit of sass! 

-I drive stick shift so my calves are nice enough to support me when I have to stand on my tippie toes when I have tall clients (aka all my clients because I'm short)

-I'm obsessed with Jeeps and Tacos. I could eat tacos in my Jeep all day long without a care in the world! 

-I love spending time by any body of water, specifically the beach

My Photography Bucket List

I have so many places I want to visit on this beautiful planet we call home. Head to the bottom of this page to see what places I want to visit! If you decide to have photos taken in one of those spots... you my friend are in for a treat!


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I think that photographing people in their natural element makes for the best pictures! Making sure that you feel comfortable and at home is my first priority. My goal is to build a relationship with each of my clients, and that is not a lie! I LOVE making new friends!

You won't just be posed in front of a camera... we will go on adventures together! We will dance, laugh, and GET SUPER SILLY! So if you want to make a playlist for the session... GO FOR IT! I am all for breaking it down and showing off my best moves.

So let me follow you around for the day and catch you in your element! Bring your dog or your grandma's fur coat, and take me to your favorite spot to relax! Yes, even if that spot is on your surfboard. I will get right in the water with you. Or if you're obsessed with Mexican food like I am... we can go get tacos and margs for your engagement session!





1. When I'm working I'm also having fun. You'll never spend an hour with me just posing and smiling at my camera. You'll dance, run, swing each other around, get in the water, or lay in the sand. I'm always giving you instructions on how to move, I'm singing along to songs, and dancing right beside you!

2. I am all about lots of kissing , hugging, and acting silly. These three things will be the main events during our time together.

3. You'll never be the only ones acting silly. If I ask you to awkwardly spin while holding hands, I'll show you how to do it too! I will never ask you to do something I wouldn't do!

4.  Tell me your favorite things to do and we can try to put that into your session! If you love tacos, lets eat tacos during the shoot! If you love baking, I will hang out with you and your love while you bake some amazing desert!

5. I want to build a true relationship with you. Before our session begins I'll send you a questionnaire and then we will meet up an hour before we shoot to hang out over a drink of your choice. I want to capture the real you and the true story of your relationship.



Santorini, Greece

New York City

Dallas, TX

Nashville, TN


Horseshoe Bend

Hawaii (Big Island)




MY Photography BUCKET LIST

I've always had a problem with sitting still and each time I travel I feel a rush of calm come over me. I am always day dreaming of new adventures and new friends to make memories with so I decided to create a list of places I really want to go to. If you have another a place in mind that isn't listed... I probably wanna go there too so always ask! If you want to have engagement photos, elope, or get married in one of these spots send me a message and lets chat! I have a fancy little special for those who pick from this list!