HOLA! I’m Lydia McCaulley Hunter!




I was born and raised in an artsy family, with a Dad that showed me how to work hard, and a Mom that gave me the love for photography. With my Mom's family being full of artist and women who loved to document our trips, it was a no brainer that I fell in love with photography too! I had a disposable camera for every school trip and family trip I ever went on! I saw the world as a photograph. Everywhere I looked I was imaging what the view before me would look like if I had my camera to capture it. 

Freshman year of College I finally saved up enough money to buy my first Nikon! I was so flipping excited! I worked my tail off to purchase each piece of equipment I own and I don't regret a single drop of sweat or tear. The harder I worked the more confident I became in my photography. I became obsessed with learning more about the industry! To this day I am constantly watching webinars, Instagram lives, signing up for workshops and reading articles about photography, marketing, and social media. I may have hated school, but I love learning  how to make my business more amazingly amazing!


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My Style

Since photojournalism has always been a passion of mine, and I have always loved helping family and friends on their wedding day, wedding photography was a no brainer for me! Combining my passion of documenting stories and creating memories for people quickly became my life. Showing real moments, real laughs and real tears is all I want to do. These moments are what matter most to me, and if they matter most to you then you're in the right place! My photo album is the largest out of all 4 kids in my family. Maybe 20% of those photos are posed and the rest are completely candid. With each of the photos I can envision exactly what was happening in that moment. Because of those photos I can remember those memories for a lifetime. 

With each photo from your engagement or wedding day I want it to be able to remind you why you laughed so hard you cried, or what sweet thing he said in your ear to make you grin. Sometimes memories fade, but photography helps us bring them back! If you're looking for a photographer to put you in front of the camera and tell you to smile... I'm not your gal. But if you're looking for a new BFF to go get tacos with and a photographer who will jump, leap, and dive in the water with you... then I'm the señorita you've been looking for!

Are you eloping on the beach? I'll be there with tissues in my back pocket cause ya best believe I'll cry. Are you picturing an intimate wedding in the mountains? I'll be there in my jumper ready to hike with ya! Take me with you where ever you feel God the most or where ever you feel closest to your spouse. I want to get to know YOU and I want to tell your story right. You're the reason I'm photographing your wedding, not social media, and not the wedding blogs. Your photographs should represent your joy, your laughter, and your vows. YOUR story is important!





1. When I'm working I'm also having fun. You'll never spend an hour with me just posing and smiling at my camera. You'll dance, run, swing each other around, get in the water, or lay in the sand. I'm always giving you instructions on how to move, I'm singing along to songs, and dancing right beside you!

2. I am all about lots of kissing , hugging, and acting silly. These three things will be the main events during our time together.

3. You'll never be the only ones acting silly. If I ask you to awkwardly spin while holding hands, I'll show you how to do it too! I will never ask you to do something I wouldn't do!

4.  Tell me your favorite things to do and we can try to put that into your session! If you love tacos, lets eat tacos during the shoot! If you love baking, I will hang out with you and your love while you bake some amazing desert!

5. I want to build a true relationship with you. Before our session begins I'll send you a questionnaire and then we will meet up an hour before we shoot to hang out over a drink of your choice. I want to capture the real you and the true story of your relationship.



Santorini, Greece

New York City

Dallas, TX

Nashville, TN


Horseshoe Bend

Hawaii (Big Island)




MY Photography BUCKET LIST

I've always had a problem with sitting still and each time I travel I feel a rush of calm come over me. I am always day dreaming of new adventures and new friends to make memories with so I decided to create a list of places I really want to go to. If you have another a place in mind that isn't listed... I probably wanna go there too so always ask! If you want to have engagement photos, elope, or get married in one of these spots send me a message and lets chat! I have a fancy little special for those who pick from this list!