Hey there!

I’m Lydia and I’m married to a childhood “friend” of mine. We grew up together but really didn’t talk until college when he messaged me on Facebook by mistake… He meant to message another girl, but it’s okay because he took me to San Jose for our first date about 5 years ago and he fell in love (I was a “cheap date…” 2 tacos for $4).

I’m a smiley, giggly, talkative little lady. And I constantly have a camera with me so that I can document any memory that I want to preserve. The photojournalist in me wants to tell a million stories, but words don’t come out of my mouth very gracefully… so the images have to tell the stories themselves!




Photojournalism. Documenting. Capturing moments. Captivating memories.

These are the words that I think of when I’m working. Capturing your personality in an image. Telling YOUR story, not my story, not your Instagram accounts story. Not even the story that I think or want to be true. My job is to create a series of images that tell your 100% real life story.

I don’t position you in front of the camera and say cheese. I follow you around your favorite city, I go with you into your favorite pizza place, and I hang out with you while you pick up some veggies in the farmers market. If you like to watch the sunset on the rooftop bar of your favorite brewery, I’ll be there. I tell the story of your life and your love. Whether your love is your business or your partner!