Hey friend!

I'm Lydia McCaulley Smith!

Growing up I was always seeing the world through the eye of a photograph. My dream for as long as I can remember has been to be a photojournalist that tells the amazing stories of what Christ has done for His children. Right now it's more of a hobby and a passion, but one day I hope to make that a career!

Why is photography important to me?

I grew up in a family that documented everything! My baby album is massive because my mom was always taking pictures of us!

I believe that photography can help heal. I use my passion for photography to help encourage women and to show them that they are beautiful.

I use photography to document moments that go by in a flash! Memories can become hazy and photographs can help restore them. Photos can help bring the memories of a loved one back to life. They can bring by the "good old days".

Photography is more than an image, it's a story. 

Awesome facts about me:

-I'm 5'1, spunky, and I got a little bit of sass! 

-I drive stick shift so my calves are nice enough to support me when I have to stand on my tippie toes when I have tall clients (aka all my clients because I'm super short compared to the rest of the world) 

-I'm obsessed with Jeeps and Tacos. I could eat tacos in my Jeep all day long without a care in the world! 

-I also love to talk about the amazing things that Jesus has done for me and my loved ones!

-I love spending time by any body of water, specifically the beach


What's my style?

I think that photographing people in their natural element makes for the best pictures! Making sure that you feel comfortable and at home is my first priority. My goal is to build a relationship with each of my clients!

You won't just be posed in front of a camera... we will go on adventures together!

So let me follow you around for the day and catch you in your element! Bring your dog or your grandma's fur coat, and take me to your favorite spot to relax. 

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